Aug 09, 2019

Set of high ranking officials arrested over Lasantha, Ekneligoda, Thadjudeen cases! Featured

Currently the CID is conducting investigations into the killing of Lasantha Wickramatunga, abduction and disappearance of Ekneligoda, Killing of Wasim Thadjudeen, Abduction and assault of Keith Noyahr and the abduction of 11 youths.

Among these investigations, red warrants have been issued against 118 criminals who are overseas and 80 blue notices. These criminals are evading arrest by hiding in other countries and Udayanga Weeratunge is also having a red warrant issued against him.

Udayanga Weeratunge is currently in police custody in a foreign country and once the investigations are completed he would be extradited to Sri Lanka through the red warrant issued against him, said the CID Director SSP Shani Abeysekara and Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara.

SSP Abeysekara said that with regard to the killing of journalist Lasantha Wickramatunga, a former IG and several other suspects are scheduled to be arrested.

He noted that although all evidence gathering had been done for his arrest and statements from the former IG had been recorded, due to an anticipatory bail application filed in the Supreme Court his arrest was prevented.

However, the case regarding Lasantha’s murder is being heard at the Mount Lavinia Magistrate’s Court and investigations are continuing at the highest level, said Abeysekara, adding that in no way is the investigation over or arrests of suspects connected to the incident been ended and neither has the gathering of further investigations regarding this crime been halted.

Military officer reveal details of Ekneligoda’s abduction

In addition to the killing incident of Lasantha, with regard to the abduction of journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda, one of the military officers arrested had revealed all details of what transpired from the time Ekneligoda was detained at the Girithale Camp until he was taken to Trincomalee. However, SSP Abeysekara said that thereafter there is no evidence on whether Ekneligoda was murdered or what happened thereafter.

However, it has been established that Ekneligoda had been abducted twice by the same group. This has been established through transmission tower reports and several other evidence.

Currently, the investigations pertaining to Ekneligoda’s disappearance has been concluded.

Statement to be recorded from a powerful personality regarding Thadjudeen’s murder

In addition to the arrests made in connection with the rugger player Wasim Thadjudeen’s murder, statements had also been recorded from several prominent figures regarding the incident.

The head of the CID said that the reason that they had not been arrested so far is that it had not been established and that there is no evidence to link these suspects connection directly to the murder. However, he said investigations are being carried out at the highest level to establish the connection of these suspects to Thadjudeen’s murder.

According to SSP Shani Abeysekara, investigations are underway regarding the suspects currently in custody and those who had directed them to commit these crimes.

Currently, around 600 CID officers are working on over 10,000 investigations being conducted under the CID. Among them, these investigations are being carried out under eight units.

He noted that while the investigations are underway, there is a great probability that politicians, security forces personnel, and many state and private sector personnel could be arrested based on the progress of the investigations.