Aug 09, 2019

13 MPs demand Sajith : Harin scared

Minister Ajith P. Perera in his Facebook page has posted that the backbench parliamentarians of the United National Party (UNP) at the parliamentary meeting held this evening (09 August) have decided to nominate Sajith Peramdasa as the presidential candidate of UNP.

Backbench MPs who participated in the meeting have unanimously suggested to announce Minister Sajith Premadasa as the candidate of UNP and start the election campaign immediately.

They have also suggested that the party should give Sajith Premadasa the full powers to lead the election campaign.

Lakshman Wijemanna, S. M Marikkar, Hector Appuhamy, Hesha Withanage, Chaminda Wijesiri, Imran Maharoof, K. K. Piyadasa, Wijepala Hettiarachchi, A. Wijayatunga, Sydney Jayaratne, Rohini Kaviratne, Thushara Indunil and Ashu Marasinghe have reportedly extended their support at the meeting.

MPs who missed the meeting but support Sajith

Although Harshana Rajakaruna, Sandith Samarasinghe, Thusitha Jayamanne, Bandu Lal Bandirigoda, Sujith Sanjaya, Shantha Abeysekera and Hirunika Premachandra could not participate the event they have also extended their support, Mr. Perera has stated in his post.

Sajith's first visit to Badulla

Meanwhile, Harin Fernando has issued a statement explaining why Sajith Premadasa is spending a night in Badulla on August 12.

It states that a rally will be held at Wills Park as Sajith will be visiting Badulla for the first time after taking up his ministerial portfolio.

However, the media had previously reported that Sajith is to announce his willingness to contest at the presidential election at this rally.