Aug 14, 2019

Number plates of VIP vehicles removed after hitting a trishaw? (pics)

On August 12th a convoy of VIP vehicles had collided with a three wheeler in the Mahagodayaya area in Buttala leaving two persons injured.

The accident had occurred when the convoy of VIP vehicles that were traveling from Monaragala to Wellawaya had collided with a three wheeler travelling in the opposite direction.

The three wheeler had collided with the VIP Benz and then hit a Defender injuring two if its passengers.

The driver of the three wheeler and another passenger who had sustained injuries in the accident had been admitted to the Buttala Provincial Hospital, but the residents claim that the number plates had thereafter been removed from the VIP vehicles involved in the crash.

The two injured persons are from the Medagama area and it is said that all the vehicles involvd in the crash had been taken to the Buttala Police.

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