Aug 19, 2019

"Presidential candidate should commit to eradicate drug trafficking"

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena says his administration is the only era in which no gun has been fired by a government on a citizen of the country.

Addressing a function held in Polonnaruwa this morning, the President said that 6.2 million people in the country on January 8, 2015 voted against the rule of the country at the time for the sake of freedom and democracy.

Speaking further, the President stressed that any candidate who contests the forthcoming presidential election should pledge to the people that he is committed to eradicating drug trafficking.

The President said that eradicating drug trafficking, which destroys the entire society, is a major need of the era and that drug traffickers should be given the death penalty in order to solve the problem. He said that the drug trade should not have any political backing.

The President said that whatever the government is in power in the future, their policy should be to change all the matters that afflict the masses.

He emphasized that their policies should be an economic and political system suitable for the country as well as a foreign policy that is not biased towards any country and a commitment to strengthening the country's freedom and democracy.

The President pointing out that today, there is not only freedom for speech, but also for, criticism, insult, slander and accusations said if anyone insulted leaders in the previous era, the fate of them would be very tragic.

The President recalled that regardless of allegations made by some, the government has not only ensured the independence and democracy of the country but also implemented a strict program against the fraud, corruption
and malpractices that had hindered the rebuilding of the country.

The President pointed out that the present government has taken measures to eradicate the international as well as national horrors brought on by international forces.

The President vested with the people three new villages built at Dimbulagala, Soriwila, Kotaragala, Disalagama and Dimbulagala, Dalukana areas under 'Semata Sevana' national housing program.

The model village built at Soriwila, Kotaragala is consisted of 16 houses. It has been built to coincide with the Indigenous People's Day on the instructions of the President to meet the aspirations of the new generation of the indigenous people. It is significant to note that they have been provided with new houses within two years with the assistance of Semata Sevana national housing program.

Dalukana, Jeewahathgama new village has 27 houses. Disalagama village built closer to Dalukana, Jeewahathgama village is consisted of 23 houses. The President after vesting the houses with the people handed over keys to the
recipients of the houses.

Ministers Sajith Premadasa, State Minister Wasantha Senanayake and many local government representatives were present at the event.


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