Aug 25, 2019

Army to lose peacekeeping missions because of Shavendra? Featured

Reports say that Sri Lanka Army is at the risk of losing its international peacekeeping missions.

According to embassy sources appointing Shavendra Silva, a general who led the humanitarian operation in the North, as the Army Commander is the reason for this.

Currently there are around 415 Sri Lanka Army troops deployed in peacekeeping missions in Lebanon, Mali and South Sudan.

They are also entitled to higher salary scales.

Many powerful countries and the Geneva Human Rights Commissioner have opposed the appointment of Shavendra Silva as the Army Commander.

The government flatly rejected their opposition, saying that it was Sri Lanka's job to appoint an Army Commander to Sri Lanka.

As a response to this United Nations authorities are to make a decision on whether Sri Lanka Army will lose its peacekeeping status., reports say.

Source- Deshaya