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Jan 21, 2017

Remove 'corrupt' minister to save govt. - UNP MPs Featured

A group of UNP MPs have proposed to the President that a powerful UNP MP facing corruption allegations should be immediately removed from his ministerial portfolio.

According to sources, the suggestion was made after a special meeting held with the President after the Cabinet meeting on Jan. 17. 

The meeting, which was held to discuss how to successfully counter the allegations levelled by the opposition, was attended by around 30 MPs representing the UNP and the SLFP.

Govt.'s weak propaganda

Speaking, the President had reportedly said that he expected the MPs' active participation to rectify the Govt.'s weak propaganda mechanism to prevent even minor errors of the government as well as false accusations from being spread among the public in a larger  magnitude.

Responding, the MPs had said that they have also become helpless due to the lack of a clear government policy with regard to the Bond Issue as well as on charges levelled against several powerful ministers.

 If the government is able to take a clear stance on this regard, it won't be hard to protect the government from the charges levelled by the opposition, they have added.

Complete backing

Speaking further, the UNP MPs have said that the charges faced by a certain UNP minister are grave indeed.

Because of this, the UNP as well as the SLFP could face a string of crises during the upcoming elections, they have added.

The MPs have also pledged their complete support if the President intervenes to strip the said minister of his ministerial portfolio and appoint him to another ministry. They have further noted that such a move could effectively counter allegations raised against the government on this regard.

However, it was singular that the minister in question was not mentioned by his name.

PM's duty

In response, the President said that he too is prepared to back the matter if the PM would issue the directive on this regard, as both the 19th Amendment and the pact with the UNP deemed that the PM was in charge of taking decisions on ministers' subject matter.

Noting that he too had received several complaints on this minister's misconduct from SLFP MPs, the President requested to propose this to the Prime minister as well.

Accordingly, a special complaint is to be made to the Prime minister.


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