Aug 26, 2019

Lawyer’s advice to Madush, hinders probe Featured

The investigation on international drug racketeer and underworld kingpin Makandure Madush who is currently in CID custody has hit a serious snag, according to police sources.

Madush’s lawyer Jaliya Samarasinghe had sought permission from the CID Director SSP Shani Abeysekara to meet with his client Madush, to which he had granted permission.

Accordingly, he had visited the CID to meet with Madush. Madush was given permission to meet with his lawyer under the supervision of two CID officers.

During the 20 minute meeting, the lawyer had advised Madush not to disclose any details regarding weapons or any details of the telephone connections used by him to the CID. He had also advised Madush to refrain from providing any information to the CID and to act cautiously for his protection.

The two police officers present during this meeting had briefed the CID Chief regarding what was discussed between Madush and his lawyer. Attorney Jaliya Samarasinghe had represented Madush in the case regarding the assassination plot and attack on IP Rangajeewa.