Aug 26, 2019

25 criminals including Wele Suda transferred to Boossa

The Prisons Department had transferred 25 hardcore criminals to the Boossa Prison.

The 25 prisoners had been transferred to Boossa from Welikada and Dumbara prisons under tight security.

It is reported that among the transferred suspects are Samantha Kumara alias ‘Wele Suda’ and Mohammed Naufur alias ‘Potta Naufur’.

Around 100-150 more to be sent to Boossa

The intelligence units have received information that these criminals are engaging in various illegal activities while in prison.

Another 100-150 prisoners have been identified to be transferred to Boossa and investigation regarding them is currently being carried out.

According to prison sources, subsequent to investigations, these prisoners would also be transferred to Boossa under tight security in batches.