Sep 02, 2019

Another obstacle to police Constable promotions Featured

Due to the abolishing of the 16 years service consideration in the promotions of Police Constables to the rank of Police Sergeant and implementing of the points system, many Police Constables who are in line
for promotion is facing a serious injustice, it is reported.

So far Police Constables who had completed 16 years of service had been granted their promotion to the next rank and those who had been unable to complete 16 years were given their promotions based on priority.

According to the ne points system, the Police Constables serving for 16 years are awarded 32 points. However, as certain OICs fail to assign certain police constables for special duty despite their dedicated service, they receive lesser points. Therefore, they are unable to accumulate higher points compared to those who are assigned for special duty.

Hence, the Police Constables Collective have notified President Maithripala Sirisena in writing regarding the serious disparities that have arisen in the promotion process of Police Constables with the current points system.