Sep 07, 2019

Ranil to commence presidential race from Hambantota : Pressure on Sajith Featured

UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has planned to commence his presidential race from Hambantota, it is reported.

He will commence his presidential campaign after having his candidacy approved by the UNP Central Committee and accepted by the United National Front, according to the PM’s office sources.

However, he is scheduled to hold a meeting with Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa tomorrow (08).

At this meeting Ranil is scheduled to inform Sajith that he would be contesting for presidency and to suggest that Sajith could be appointed as the Prime Minister.

At the UNP Working Committee meeting, it is planned to have the name of the Presidential candidate and the name of the Prime Minister proposed and passed.

Candidacy issue still unresolved

It is also reported that Sajith is constantly being pushed by his colleagues not to give up the fight for presidential candidacy.

However, some senior UNPers have appealed to him not to cause a rift in the party which his father protected with his life.

Meanwhile, Sajith faction Spokesman Ajith P. Perera in an FB post has said that the candidacy issue is still unresolved and that a decisive meeting between the two leaders is scheduled to take place on Sunday.

People have already chosen Sajith - Mangala

Meanwhile, Minister Mangala Samaraweera noted that the people have already expressed their preference for Sajith and this has been amply manifested in the massive turnouts in all the rally’s held by Sajith from Badulla to Matara to Mahinda Rajapaksa’s electorate in Kurunegala.

The enthusiasm of the public is a clear indication of their preference of his candidacy, he said in Jaffna today (07) while attending the Enterprise Sri Lanka exhibition in Jaffna.

Sajith will contest the presidency even under a new party - Harin

However, Harin Fernando told the media that in the event Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe decides to contest the presidential election by himself, the Sajith faction would take measures to contest the presidency even under a new party.

 Future journey with Ranil-Karu blessings - Sajith

During the rally held in Kurunegala on September 05th SajithPremadasa has said he will establish a government with the blessings of RanilWickremesinghe and Karu Jayasuriya.

He said, This rally is not one that is held against anyone. Therefore, my intention is to establish a government with the blessings of Ranil Wickremesinghe and Karu Jayasuriya and build the country as Ranasinghe Premadasa’s son, by committing my whole life for the service of this nation. Hence, I believe that my partywill give me that opportunity. If they give me that opportunity I will servewith commitment. I must say that I am no coward and I fear nothing. I will joinhands with the people of this country and build this nation. I don’t intendto spend my time in mansions, but with the people and assisting in developing the country.”

SLFP conspiracy to divide the UNP

Meanwhile, during a meeting of UNP senior MPs yesterday (06) Lakshman Kiriella had stated that this is a conspiracy by the SLFP to create a rift between Ranil and Sajith and split the party.

It was revealed that their motive was to get a segment of UNP members to join the SLFP and present a presidential candidate.

At this meeting, Kiriella had accused Minister Kabir Hashim of secretly meeting with the President at a time when all the Muslim ministers had resigned from their posts and canvassing to obtain a ministerial post for himself.