Rogue Elephants at the Horowpathana Elephant Holding Ground. Rogue Elephants at the Horowpathana Elephant Holding Ground.
Sep 07, 2019

Fifteen elephants at Horowpathana park, dead! Featured

The elephant park at Horowpathana constructed at a cost of millions of rupees for the first time in the world to herd violent elephants, has caused the death of around 15 elephants over the past five years, according to Wildlife Conservation Department internal sources.

These violent elephants had been brought there from various areas and numbered around 50.

Meanwhile, out of the elephants herded at this elephant park around 28 of them had broken out of the centre and entered Kebithigollewa, Horowpathana, Medawachchiya, Anuradhapura and Kekirawa areas and have been entering
villages and destroying crops and property.

In a survey conducted recently it was found that only around 9 elephants are remaining at the Horowpathana elephant park.

Although an electric fence has been erected around the 900 acre sanctuary, it has been revealed that this proved futile as the elephants bring down the electric fence by pushing the posts down with their foot.

As a result the elephant-human conflict has aggravated and even villages where there was no elephant issue previously, is now having to deal with elephants entering their villages and destroying their property and cultivations and also posing a threat to their lives.

The project to herd these violent elephants has by now proved to be a failure.

It has become a while elephant and has only served to aggravate the human-elephant conflict, the Wildlife Department officers pointed out.