Sep 11, 2019

Hate speech on social media has increased- Elec. Com.  Featured

The Information Technology Association had carried out a survey over the past few days which revealed that the tendency of hate speech over social media had increased in view of the upcoming presidential elections.

They point out that in the future hate speech over social media could increase further.

The Association noted that hate speech had increased at a time when the presidential election has not even been announced and as a result many thousands of other Face Book users are greatly inconvenienced as a result.

The Association’s President Rajiva Yasiru further noted that certain parties were not using social media to promote certain candidates but to tarnish the reputation of candidates.

Such hate speech is disseminated through fake accounts.

Hence, he urged social media users to either complain about such accounts or have them removed, in a bid to prevent such material being used to tarnish the image of others.

Election Commissioner’s plot to curb social media

Meanwhile, the Elections Commissioner had reportedly held a meeting with the Indian and Local FB administrators on September 09th in Rajagiriya on the action needed to be taken in the event such hate speech or posts defamatory to others is posted on social media.

The information technology officers of all 25 district level election offices participated in this meeting.

The Election Commissioner General Saman Sri Ratnayake noted that the elections Commission had discussed at length on the 08th regarding the prevention of hate speech and derogatory statements being posted on FB and other social media platforms which could be harmful to others.

He said in the future more extensive talks with media heads would also be held in a bid to curb such incidents on social media.

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