Sep 12, 2019

UNF leaders meeting: Sajith Dudley secret talks:Song for Sajith Featured

UNF leaders meeting: Sajith Dudley secret talks:Song for Sajith 

Anothermeeting between the UNF leaders are scheduled to take place, according to PM’soffice sources.

Thismeeting is scheduled to take place either today or tomorrow at Temple Treesunder the patronage of UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe.  

DeputyLeader Sajith Premadasa is also scheduled to take part in this meeting.

Thegroup will discuss at length regarding the presidential election plans.   

"Country in Sajith’s hands" 

Meanwhile,in an FB post Sajith faction MP Ajith P. Perera has given an indication that Sajithwould be the presidential candidate and no one else.  

 Meanwhile,a song, said to be Sajith’s campaign theme song, was released over You Tubeyesterday (11).

The lyrics of this song is by Dr. Menaka Arumapura and themusic is by Darren Mark Vandot.  

Premadasa’smedia Secretary Mahilal Seneviratne has compiled the video.  

Sajith-Dudley talks 

Meanwhile,the Aruna newspaper reported that Sajith Premadasa had met with the President’sBrother Dudley Sirisena in order to obtain his assistance for his presidential campaign.On aprior occasion, Sri Lanka News Week had also reported about the meeting.

Themeeting is said to have taken place at a hotel in Union Place, Colombo overlunch on September 10.  

Themeeting had been between just the two of them and no one else had attended. The duohad discussed at length the presidential election, the UNP crisis and obtainingof the presidential nomination.