Sep 17, 2019

Threat of Karadiyana garbage mount collapsing Featured

There is a threat of the Karadiyana garbage mountain in Piliyandala cracking and collapsing, Sri Lanka Mirror learns.

The garbage has been piled up at this site since 2002 amounting to around 330,000 metric tons which is currently around 80 feet high.

Out of the 37 acres of wetlands in the area, 28 acres is currently under this pile of garbage. Already occupants of 15 houses have been evacuated and they have been paid 150,000 each for 6 months rent.

The garbage from 7 local government institutions amounting to 15,000 metric tons of garbage is dumped at this site monthly and based on a warning by the Building Research Institute, the garbage acceptance has been limited to
five days per week.