Sep 18, 2019

Milk powder upped by Rs. 20 : probe on quality of milk Featured

The Costof Living Committee decided yesterday to increase milk powder prices by Rs. 20and reduce the price of a gas cylinder by Rs. 250.  

The milkpowder importing companies had decided to stop the import of milk powder if theprice was not increased. The last time the milk powder price was increased wasin August.  

The Consumer Affairs Authority has introduced a price formula for milk powder andthe Cost of Living Committee approved it last week.

However, it is said that the milk powder prices have not been increased according tothis formula. The Costof Living Committee had decided to announce the increase of milk powder anddecrease of gas prices on the same day.  

Meanwhile, although the responsible institutions had stated that the quality and standardof milk powder would be tested, so far no action has been taken. TheAssociation for the protection of consumer rights have stated that they wouldbe taking up this matter very soon, Sri Lanka Mirror learns.