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Jan 23, 2017

India says it has no interest in Trincomalee Harbour

Indian Government has not taken any decision on extending assistance to Sri Lanka to develop the, Indian official sources said.

India is not interested in taking over a non performing port like Trincomalee; Indian official sources said denying a statement made by the minister for regional development, Sarath Fonseka, in New Delhi that terms and conditions were being discussed to hand over the port to India.

Indian authorities were of the view that no profits or sufficient income could be generated from this port for a long time in the years to come as it is being maintained by using money earned from the Colombo port.

India’s only concern was that any foreign presence in Sri Lanka is not a security threat to India, official sources said adding that that the present deal with the Chinese company on Hambatota port could be a security threat to India as the port will be under control of the Chinese government for the next 99 years.

India’s only interest is in seeing that any foreign presence in Sri Lanka is not a security threat to India, sources said.

India’s Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that they would be providing US$ 2 billion into Sri Lankan infrastructure development without giving any details.

The taking over and developing Trincomalee Port is not in the Indian agenda as the country has its own infrastructure challenges at home, official sources said.

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