Sep 28, 2019

Questionnaire for Sampath Bank regarding millionaire scam! Featured

The Kaduwela Magistrate Prasanna Alwis ordered the CID on September 26th to expedite the large scale financial fraud alleged to have taken place at Sampath Bank.

The Attorney representing the aggrieved party President’s Counsel Upul Jayasooriya presented a set of questionnaires to the courts to be directed to Sampath Bank, when the case was taken up yesterday.

The attorney representing Sampath Bank had agreed in court to respond to the series of questions.

The Sampath Bank large scale fraud was exposed based on a complaint made by world renowned native doctor Kelum Weerasinghe to the CID.

The CID also notified court that a businesswomen had also lodged a complaint that over a million rupees from her account had also been defrauded by Sampath Bank.

The Magistrate ordered the case to be called again on November 14th.

Attorney Dhammika Abhayagunawardena, Eranga Perera and President’s Counsel Upul Jayasooriya appeared on behalf of the plaintiffs.

The set of questions posed by the aggrieved party to court is as follows;

1. Were there collaterals obtained when granting bank overdraft facilities to my client Kelum Harsha Kamal Weerasinghe’s personal current account number 021150001002 and K.A.S. Auto International (Pvt) Ltd current account
number 201110001336, of which my client is a director?

2. Had Kelum Harsha Weerasinghe applied for such overdraft facilities?

3. What collateral was offered for such an overdraft facility?, was the collateral sufficient for the overdraft sought? And on what grounds was this overdraft approved?

4. Was this overdraft facility granted in violation of the bank’s internal rules and regulations and in violation of the Central Bank regulations?

5. In granting this overdraft facility, was the approval of the bank’s higher management and officials obtained?

6. Has Sampath Bank granted this overdraft facility violating the bank’s internal rules and regulations and in a fraudulent manner, or has the bank been a party to this fraudulent act and aided and abated in it?

7. In addition, we request the bank to submit all documents regarding the letters of credit of the vehicles imported by my client through his private company, the details of the vehicles imported under these letters of credit, if the bank retained the customs clearance documents for these vehicles, if these vehicles that were imported were registered after sale, whether the amount related to the letters of credit was recovered and all other details pertaining to the letters of credit.