Sep 28, 2019

Underworld extortionists become active with presidential election Featured

With the announcement of the presidential election, the underworld extortion gangs centred on Colombo have become more active causing the businessmen and residents of the Kaduwela, Hanwella, Athurugiriya to be alarmed.

It has been revealed that the businessmen of these areas have already paid these underworld gangs ransoms ranging from Rs. 50,000 to around 7 million.

It is said that these extortion rings are operating from within the prisons under the names of Angoda Lokka, Uru Juwa, Kanjipani Imran, Makandure Madush etc. The underworld gang members are said to be calling these businessmen and demanding such ransoms for the release of their underworld leaders.

They threaten their victims that if the police is notified they would abduct their children and kill their family members, forcing these businessmen to pay this ransom and keep silent for fear of being targeted.

It is also reported that the Police Special Task Force is receiving anonymous phone calls regarding these extortions as people and fear to reveal their identities having no trust in the police.

It has been found that a wave of extortions is currently being operated from within prisons where almost every household in the Kaduwela and Hanwella areas have received phone calls and ransom demanded.