Sep 29, 2019

Parliament affected by heavy rain

It has been reported the ceiling of the Parliament Complex at Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte has leaked during heavy rains in the past week

According to the staff of the Parliament , Parliamentary Complex, which was built thirty years ago, is required to be renovated.

Accordingly, several places inside Chamber of Parliament have become wet due to leakages in the ceiling.

It is further reported that the public gallery has also been similarly affected.

It has also been reported that the ceiling of the Parliament complex has collapsed from several locations.

The ceiling on both sides of the Foreign Relations and Protocol Office on the fourth floor has also collapsed and the staff dining room has also become wet.

Even though it was proposed three years ago to renovate the Parliament complex,it has not been implemented.

The company that built the Parliament complex has also confirmed this and said that the complex needs to be repaired immediately.