Sep 29, 2019

SAG bill increased by 40 Mil: group exceeds 800 Featured

Sri Lanka's expenditure on the 13th South Asian Games to be held in Nepal on December 13 has risen by another Rs. 40 million, reports say.

The Ministry of Sports has currently estimated to spend Rs. 344.1 million for the event.

Meanwhile, sports critics say that they are skeptical whether there will considerable return on the huge sum that will be spent. 

It is said that the South Asian Games will cost Rs. 350 million or more.

Two months ago the estimated cost was Rs. 312.7 million.

The largest team for the South Asian Games in the history of Sri Lankan sports is scheduled to participate this year which includes 605 athletes.

In addition to the athletes, more than 200 officials are also scheduled to attend the event, which means that the number of Sri Lankan team members exceeding 800 cannot be prevented.

202 officials- including 95 coaches, 10 doctors, 15 physiotherapists, 15 trainers, 15 journalists, 5 officers from the SAG Secretariat,15 observers, 5 psychiatrists and 27 managers - are due to leave for Nepal.

A total of 27 pools in 21 sports are currently undergoing training for the Asian Games.