Oct 02, 2019

Tamil Progressive Front to support Sajith

The Tamil Progressive Front led by Mano Ganesan had unanimously agreed to support the candidacy of Sajith Premadasa for the Presidential election. 

The decision was taken at a meeting held yesterday between the Tamil Progressive Front representatives.

Expressing his view MP Radha Krishnan said that they intend to discuss several issues affecting the upcountry people with Sajith Premadasa, including their housing, infrastructure facilities, increment of their daily wages and employment issues.

They also intend to discuss issues that should be included in the UNF manifesto.

Mano Ganesan, Palani Digambaram, Radha Krishnan, Velu Kumar, Aravinda Kumar, Chandra Shafter, Anthony Lawrance, Saraswathie Shiva, Udaya Kumar, Anusha Chandrasekaran and Wijaya Sandiran had participated in this meeting.