Oct 12, 2019

Easter Sunday attacks report to unfold in parliament on 23!

The Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) appointed to investigate the April 21st Easter Sunday terror attacks, is scheduled to present their final report to parliament on October 23rd, according to the PSC Chairman Deputy Leader Ananda Kumarasiri.

The PSC had recorded statements of over 60 persons including the President and Prime Minister.

Kumarasiri said that the said report includes the background factors which led to this attack and recommendations for the prevention of future attacks.

Subsequent to the April 21st attacks Speaker Karu Jayasuriya appointed the PSC on May 22 to investigate and report to parliament regarding this incident.

The PSC met for the first time on May 29th. They are scheduled to meet for the final time prior to the compilation of the final report on the 17th.

Ananda Kumarasiri noted that once the report is submitted to parliament on the 23rd, the PSC would convene a media briefing on the 24th to brief the media regarding the report.