Oct 14, 2019

Candidates can’t back out now: Printing ballot papers commence Featured

No candidate who has handed in nominations for the upcoming presidential election can now back out of the presidential race and express support to any other candidate, said Election Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya.

He said this in response to our query regarding news reports that a certain candidate is preparing to express their support to one of the main contenders and back out.

Deshapriya noted that having accepted the nominations, the names of all such candidates have already been legitimately included in the ballot sheet.

The government has incurred a huge expense for this process, he added. Therefore, he said no candidate can now step out of the presidential race in support for another candidate and this is not an ethical move either.

Presidential election printing

Meanwhile, the Government Printing Department stated that all printing with regard to the presidential election would be completed prior to the 6th of November.

According to the Chief Government Printer Ganga Kalpani Liyanage, the printing of ballot papers for the upcoming presidential election has already commenced.

She noted that 17 million ballot papers are required for the presidential election and that the printing of these ballot papers are taking place under police protection.