Oct 17, 2019

Over 78,000 postal votes rejected: Official ballot papers to be posted on 25th

The Election Commission had rejected 78, 403 postal vote applications and said that they could cast their votes in the usual manner.

It said that 717,918 state sector employees had applied for postal voting and of them the Election Commission had accepted 639,515.

The postal voting for the upcoming presidential election will be held on October 31 and November 01 during which those employed in the state sector and security forces are scheduled to cast their vote.

The District Secretariat employees, Election Officers and Police officers will be allowed to use their vote on November 04th. For those who are unable to make it on that date provisions have been made for them to cast their votes at any District Election Office at their work places on November 07th.

The validation of the postal voting register took place yesterday and the issuing of ballot papers and handing it in for posting will take place on 19th.

Meanwhile, the official election notices will be handed over for posting on October 25, while November 03rd has been allocated as the distribution date.

The official ballot notices will conclude on November 09th, the Election Commission stated.