Oct 21, 2019

Gurukanda Viharaya Dayaka Sabha seeks justice from HRC Featured

The Dayaka Sabha of the Mulaithivu Gurukanda Raja Maha Viharaya are said to be preparing to complain to the Human Rights Commission and the Police Commission over the failure to provide a proper solution to the issue pertaining to the temple.

According to the Secretary of the Gurukanda Dayaka Sabha Manel Karunaratne,  due to the failure of government divisions and the police to provide a viable solution to the issue affecting the temple, its future existence is at stake.

They claim that having ample proof regarding the historic significance of the temple, a certain group had bulldozed the temple land and even threatened the monks and caretaker residing at the temple.

Police remove CCTV system

The CCTV camera system that had been installed at the Gurukanda Raja Maha Viharaya had been removed by the police, it is reported.

The police had claimed that the camera system was removed as per a court order where only religious activities were permitted at the temple and the kovil in dispute and no renovations or new fixtures could be installed.