Oct 23, 2019

Why anti-Muslim trend disappeared ? Featured

General Mahesh Senanayake the Presidential candidate of National Peoples’ Party says that there were several posts against Muslim people immediately after the attacks in April and now it is not.

He has questioned why it does not occur anymore and answered that it was because people orchestrated them are engaged in election campaigns now.

This statement was made by Gen. Mahesh Senanayake at a meeting held in Balangaoda for the Party representatives of the National Peoples Party yesterday (22 Oct).

Addressing the meeting he further stated "If you look at social media until the month of August after the Easter Sunday bombing, until August there were posts of hatred towards Muslims every fifteen minutes every day.Words such as Thambiya or Halal  were used to spread hatred. Suddenly it disappears in August. Now you tell me whether or not you got anti-Muslim posts today.You are not getting those today. Why not? That is because the person who did it is now contesting the election."

"Today, I declare that gentleman and the people around him are the ones who created it or else it couldn't have stopped in August.  ”said Mahesh Senanayake.