Oct 31, 2019

“Digital revolution has given rise to social media”

“The digital revolution has given rise to the social media, said Mr. Julio O. Castillo, Jr., chairman of the People’s Television Network Inc. of the Philippines.

“Acknowledging the fact that digitalization would generate progress, development and shifts in the media landscape, the importance of promoting media and information literacy within ASEAN cannot be overemphasized,” he added.

Mr. Castillo was making these remarks during the 2nd ASEAN-China Broadcasters Roundtable Meeting, which is being held in Beijing today (31).

Mr. Castillo also emphasised the importance of online media and why the responsible usage of social media is ‘critical and highly encouraged’.

“Today, while television remains to be a preferred medium, online media, as a new platform, also plays a significant role in the daily lives of individuals. The youth across all classes feeds on media at their own speed, tempo, and convenience. They share content, post views and opinions across all social media platforms. This is the very power of digitalization and such is expected to accelerate further by leaps and bounds. Social media is very user-driven that wants access to content anytime, that is why the responsible use of social media is critical and highly encouraged,” he said.

“We are all aware that the role of media and information is vital.  The discussions on media cooperation in various platforms have steadily increased as we embrace new innovations in broadcasting technology and continue to adapt to the digital age,” he further said.

Shanika Jayasekara reporting from Beijing