Nov 02, 2019

"President should supersede party politics" Featured

The Catholic Bishops Conference issuing a statement said the public should be intelligent enough to select a democratic presidential candidate who would give priority to honesty and protect the rights and freedoms of the people.

The future president of this country should be committed to sustainable development and be one who could work in unity with all segments of society.

The Catholic Bishops Conference stated that the country’s president should be one who would supersede party politics.

The statement further noted, “Corruption has been the root cause for setbacks in the development of the country resulting in suffering and poverty among many a people. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the future president and leaders to take drastic measures to eradicate corruption at all levels.

The church teaches that all citizens should be mindful of the right and also their duty to use their vote freely to further the common good. Accordingly, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Sri Lanka, exhort all Catholics and citizens to exercise their sacred and democratic right to cast their vote at the forthcoming presidential election.”