Nov 11, 2019

New gadget to nab election law violators Featured

Police officers armed with small body cameras have been deployed at divisional level to nab election law violators during the presidential election.

These police officers have undergone training and deployed for election duty at divisional level armed with these cameras. These teams will operate under the directives of the divisional SSPs, said SSP of the Election Division Ashoka Dharmasena.

These recorded footage could be used in a court of law as evidence, he said.

SSP Dharmasena noted that subsequent to the election, these cameras would be used to record footage of illegal protests and underworld activities.

3,519 complaints pertaining to the presidential election

The Election Commission noted that so far they have received 3,519 complaints in relation to the presidential election.

Among them are 26 incidents of violence, 3,387 complaints of violation of laws and 106 other complaints.