Nov 18, 2019

I will form govt. to implement my policies - President Featured

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa today said he would form a government that can implement his policies to create a prosperous country.
Addressing the nation following the swearing-in-ceremony in Anuradhapura, he said he was committed to implementing the people-friendly manifesto.

“We want to remain neutral in foreign relations and stay out of any conflict among foreign powers,” Rajapakasa said at the swearing-in ceremony which concluded a short while ago at the Ruwanwelisaya Temple in Anuradhapura.

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) candidate said he would give national security the utmost priority under his rule.

“We will strengthen the state security apparatus to protect the country from terrorists, underworld criminals, racketeers, thieves, and those who abuse women and children,” he stressed.

Commenting on the results of the poll, in which he won 52.2 percent of votes, Rajapaksa said he was confident of registering victory only by obtaining the votes of the Sinhala Buddhist majority.

“I called on the Tamil and Muslim communities to be a part of my victory but it didn’t draw a positive response,” the President observed.

Further Mr Rajapaksa said he called on the minority communities to join him as “true Sri Lankans” for the betterment of Sri Lanka’s future.

The President insisted that he “will not tolerate corruption” under his government and that “meritocracy” and “technocracy” will be promoted instead, to strengthen the state sector to operate in an efficient manner.

Mr. Rajapaksa expressed his gratitude to all who supported him during the election and pledged to implement his manifesto under his rule.

“As President my duty is to serve the people of all communities, Accordingly, I will safeguard the rights of those who did and didn’t vote for me,” the President declared.

On the same lines he said he would exercise his executive powers in a manner that is beneficial for the country.

Meanwhile, President Rajapaksa's flag centred on the symbol of a while lotus flower- representing the theme of purity, was released by his office today.

The main colour of the flag is dark brown - symbolic of finger millet grains, implying the President's objectives towards uplifting the agriculture industry.