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Jan 28, 2017

MR regime to pay Rs. 113.5m to Sri Lankan? Featured

The former regime has evaded payment of around Rs. 113.5 million to the national carrier - Sri Lankan airlines, reports say.

The pending amount includes payments for leased flights and air tickets, reports add.

The tours which had taken place in this manner include several made by the former President and his entourage in December 2014.

It also includes the reservation of a flight to Seychelles via Maldives on 2014-07-12 under the invoice number 11938. However, sources say that no details have been given on who had gone on the flight.

At the present, Sri Lankan airlines had handed over a report detailing such tours with pending payments, to the President and Prime minister.

It is said that legal action is to be taken soon on this regard.

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