Dec 13, 2019

People trust the judiciary more than the government Featured

The global corruption barometer 2019 pertaining to Sri Lanka states that the people have expressed greater faith in the judiciary compared to the government and the police. 

Their next choice is the police and finally the government.

This survey had been conducted by Transparency International Sri Lanka where they had gathered the views of around 1300 persons residing in nine districts representing the urban, rural and estate sector population.

A quarter of those in the survey had said that bribing to get a job done or expedite it in the state sector is acceptable.

However, one third of them did not endorse bribing.

The report also states that 86% of those who participated in the survey were aware of the existence and functioning of the Bribery Commission.

Around 46% of the public had mentioned the fact that occasionally, often or frequently, the issue of sexual bribery is demanded by state sector officials in providing services.