Jan 02, 2020

Highways ministry yet to settle Rs. 25b worth payments Featured

2500 crores in deficit bill highway

The ministry of highways is yet to settle over 25 billion rupees as payments to contractors and other parties, reports say.
It is said that the amount of money owed in exchange for land acquired after the year 2015 for road construction and expansion is around Rs. 9.5 billion. Because of the delay, the ministry also owes the landowners a 7% interest as well.

It is reported that contractors have to be paid a sum of Rs.15 billion for the 'Ran Mawath' development project implemented, targeting the recent elections.

All payments settled during the Rajapaksa regime

Minister of Highways, Ports and Shipping Johnston Fernando says that all payments made for land acquisitions done during the era of Mahinda Rajapaksa have all been settled back then.

However, the previous government had wasted a lot of money on these activities and the Treasury is totally trapped by such  things, he added.