Jan 07, 2020

AG advises against releasing forensic reports to MPs

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya told Parliament a short while ago that the Attorney General had informed him that it was not an appropriate time to issue the reports of the Forensic Audit on the Central Bank Bond scam to MPs.
Speaker Jayasuriya said that Attorney General Dappule De Livera had advised him not to disclose the contents of the Forensic Audit Report at this time as the Department had not concluded legal procedures regarding the Forensic Audit.

The Speaker had been advised not to disclose any details regarding the Forensic Audit Report till the AG’s department completes its legal proceedings.

The Forensic Audit Report on the Central Bank of Sri Lanka was handed over to Parliament in November but Parliament was advised at the time by the AG that contents of the Forensic Audit report could be used investigations and therefore to keep all documents confidential.
(The Morning)