Jan 09, 2020

Hasantha's new appointment raises eyebrows!

The appointment of current HR manager of the state owned ITN TV station - Hasantha Hettiarachchi, as Director General, has raised eyebrows, reports say.
The reason is because a post of a Director General has not existed within the ITN management hierarchy so far.
However, the secretary to the media ministry has reportedly being forcing ITN directors to appoint Mr. Hettiarachchi to the post.
After the directors have informed the ministry secretary that such a post does not exist, they have been instructed to appoint Mr. Hettiarachchi as the CEO of the station instead.
It is said that the Board of Directors at the ITN are evading the holding of a Director Board meeting because of this.
This series of events has raised eyebrows as president Gotabaya Rajapaksa had explicitly instructed not to appoint individuals working in a certain institution to higher positions.