Jan 16, 2020

Missing OB bus of PMD not lost! Featured

Former president Maithripala Sirisena's media unit says that reports claiming that an Outdoor Broadcasting bus (OB bus) of the Presidential Media Division (PMD) has disappeared, are false.

Mr. Sirisena's media unit had issued a media release responding to such newspaper reports yesterday (14).

The media release states that the bus bearing the No. NA-7580 was used by the PMD for outdoor recordings before Maithripala Sirisena came to power on Jan. 09, 2015.

Noting that the bus was in a dilapidated condition by then, they state that it was not a special bus for used for media purposes but a bus former public transportation by later repaired to be re-used as a media bus.
Later, the bus had been repaired by the Transport Division of the Presidential Secretariat and used as an OB bus using the equipment of the PMD.

However, due to recurring technical faults, the PMD had handed the bus over to the Transport Division of the Presidential Secretariat, while the equipment inside was returned to the stores of the PMD.

When former PMD Directors during Mr. Sirisena's tenure had inquired on the above mentioned news reports, from the present higher officials at the PMD, they have responded that the bus is currently parked at a parking lot of the Presidential Secretariat.

They have also verified that the equipment were also found properly stored at the PMD stores.