Feb 01, 2017

Bribes to mafia in vehicle registrations!

People who import vehicles for personal use are in difficulties due to the irresponsible conduct of the Customs and the Motor Traffic Department, reports say.

Even state officials who order vehicles under duty free concessions are not being spared by this recklessness.

Once the customs fees and all taxes due to the state have been paid to clear an imported vehicle, a receipt is issued to the importer with the chassis no. of the vehicle.

That receipt no. is used by the Motor Traffic Department to check if all the dues to the state have been paid, with the process being carried out through its computer network link with of the Customs.

On many occasions, those seeking registration of their vehicles are referred back to the Customs, saying the particulars of their vehicles are not in the computer network, or that the chassis nos. were wrong.

There is suspicion as to whether a mafia of officials of the Customs and the Motor Traffic Department are intentionally delaying the process in order to obtain bribes.

This is all the more possible due to the fact that those who import vehicles as a business do not have to undergo such difficulties.