Feb 01, 2017

At Nugegoda rally too, Mahinda followed auspicious times! Featured

Ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is known to do everything according to astrological beliefs, still observes auspicious times when doing something important.

Everything he had done at the joint opposition rally at Nugegoda on January 27 was carried out according to auspicious times prepared for him by an astrologer.

They include his arrival at the rally, getting onto the rally platform and starting his speech on the occasion.

Even his remarks advising investors to ‘protect their assets which are being sold by the debt-ridden, corrupt government’ and that a government by him ‘will take over all such assets’ were made according to auspicious times.

A JO activist said Rajapaksa still believed in astrology after tasting defeat at the presidential election he held two years prematurely according to advice given by astrologers.