Jan 25, 2020

21 health hazards due to milk powder! Featured

Dr. Lasantha Wijesekara says that 21 health hazards due to the consumption of powdered milk, have been identified.
Dr. Wijesekara is a member of the special panel appointed by the Ministry of Health to look into limiting powdered milk imports while promoting liquid milk.
He said children are affected by 15 of these health hazards while six more affect the health of adults including mothers.
Although around Rs. 55 billion is spent annually to import milk powder, it doesn't hold any health benefits and only a mix of chemicals are consumed in the name of powdered milk, he added.

Noting that switching to liquid milk or substitute foods such as  water or porridge is a low-cost and more wholesome alternative, Dr. Wijesekara said that the chemicals in powdered milk cause an addiction among its consumers, whose knowledge on its hazards are quite low.
Meanwhile, Dr. Nalin de Herath, a member of the media unit of the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA), stated that successive governments since 2012 have been informed that tests have proven powdered milk contains harmful ingredients such as palm oil.

(Source : Ravaya)