Jan 26, 2020

Several other judges to face interdiction soon! Featured

The Judicial Services commission had notified the Acting IGP in writing to notify the Chief Justice led Judicial Service Commission immediately if there are any other judges who had engaged in controversial telephone conversations with MP Ranjan Ramanayake.

The JSC had also notified the IGP to inform them not only regarding direct telephone conversations but whether any judge’s name is mentions during any other conversation with the MP and submit a special report on it.

Responding immediately, the IGP had notified the JSC that the relevant tapes have been sent to the Government Analyst for an initial test.

The IGP had stated that no sooner he receives the tapes, he could provide the JSC with the relevant information.

In his statement made in parliament last week, MP Ranjan Ramanayake had revealed that not only current judges, but the recordings of former judges are also contained in these tapes.

He claimed to have tabled a portion of them in parliament.