Jan 26, 2020

Secret regarding Habarana elephant deaths revealed!

The seven elephants that were found dead in the Habarana, Thumbikulam reserve is suspected to have been due to tranquilisers and a broad investigation is to be conducted into this issue, according to Government Analyst’s Department sources. 

This source said that investigations conducted so far have revealed that no insecticide used for local farming or alcohol was found in the bodies of the dead elephants.
In September last year (2019) the Wildlife Conservation Department officers had found six female elephants and a bull elephant dead in several locations within the Thumbikulam reserve in Habarana.

The investigations was handed over to the Government Analysts Department based on the suspicion that some poisonous substance had been ingested.

Due to the complexity of the investigations to find the cause of death, certain chemicals had to be imported from a foreign country, the Government Analyst Department said.

However, the Government Analyst Department said that as around 50% of the investigations have been completed, a report would be released within the next few weeks.