Jan 26, 2020

Indian labourers for toddy tapping! Featured

The Excise Department has received a request to employ Indian labourers for toddy tapping due to the shortage of local toddy tappers for the coconut toddy industry. 

The request has been made by the licensed coconut industry businessmen.

The Excise Department too said that there are very experienced toddy tappers in India.

Licences have been issued for the legal tapping of toddy for around 100,000 coconut trees.

Due to the lack of labourers to be deployed in the toddy tapping industry for the manufacture of natural vinegar, the production of artificial vinegar has risen, it is reported.

Currently, the Excise Department has banned the manufacture of artificial toddy.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner of the Excise Department Kapila Kumarasinghe said that the request to engage Indian toddy tappers would be discussed with the government.