Jan 27, 2020

Prison assistance to kill ‘Viththa’ who tried to kill Gota

Assistance of the prison officials is believed to have been received for the alleged conspiracy to inject cyanide and kill Viduranga alias ‘Viththa’ who was in remand custody  over charges of conspiring to kill President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the Aruna Newspaper reported.

It further states that until hours after the incident Prisons Commissioner General Jayasiri Kodituwakku was not informed of this incident. Investigations also revealed that the police had been informed of the incident only after the clothes with traces of cyanide on them had been washed, it has been revealed. A team under the OIC of Borella, Chief Inspector Duminda Balasuriya and the SOCO officers had begun investigations at the site of the incident, but even eyewitnesses have reportedly also been hidden. 

The attempt to inject Viththa with cyanide was made last Friday (24) while he was on his way to the record room at the Colombo Remand Prison with another underworld member.

Viththa who was a close associate of Appan alias Raveendran who was manipulated by the LTTE Diaspora, was arrested on charges of assassination of the president following an intelligence operation by the State Intelligence Service (SIS) and military Intelligence. It was reported that Appan had even given a weapon to the accused and all the suspects were detained under detention orders by the Colombo Crime Division. Viththa was remanded on January 23rd after he was presented in courts and the police had notified the prison authorities to hold him in a safe location with special security.

However, Viththa had been remanded in the ‘Ascot ward’ where other prisoners are being detained notifying that this was on the orders of the Prison Superintendent.

Viththa had made a request to grant him a safe location as he suspected his rivals could harm him. The next day while he was on his way to the record room around 2.00 pm he was jabbed with the syringe from behind.

An underworld member named ‘dolly’ had tried to jab him with the cyanide syringe, but it had got entangled in his clothing and broken. The cyanide had leaked onto Viththa’s clothes and dolly had fled to the ‘B’ ward and two other underworld prisoners Harsha and Chuti from ‘Kudu Selvi’s’ group had given Dolly another set of clothes to wear after washing his body and had helped him hide there.

Meanwhile, another group had removed Viththa’s clothes and helped him wash his body.

When the prison officials had taken Dolly and was assaulting him and getting him to make a statement, a prison higher-up had objected to it. It has been revealed that this higher-up had said, “Just write it without hitting him.”

Meanwhile, several prison officials had not presented another prisoner named Ruwan during the police investigations. Ruwan had witnessed the whole incident in the MI ward where they had filled the syringe with the cyanide prior to handing it over to Dolly. They had told Ruwan, “Don’t get into trouble by trying to give evidence,” and had not presented him before the police team investigating this incident.

It is suspected that ‘Kudu Selvi’s’ two sons  are behind this incident and it had been planned on the requirement of the Tamil Diaspora.

It has also been revealed that prior to handing over the clothes worn by Viththa which had cyanide spilled on it, had been washed by several prison guards prior to handing it over to the police. The police suspect that the syringe used for this incident may have also been washed off. However, the police had handed it over to the Government Analyst.

Although it was revealed that two syringes had been brought into prison, the wards had been searched only after an hour since the incident occurred. Upon interrogation of the suspect, he had said that he had obtained the syringe from the medical centre.

The Prison Commissioner General Jayasiri Tennakoon has commenced an investigation regarding this incident and orders had been issued to transfer the suspect to the Negombo Prison and Viththa to the Mahara Prison the same night (24th).