Jan 27, 2020

IDH patients cleared of Corona, presidential commission to meet today Featured

The four patients admitted to the Angoda IDH Hospital  on suspicion of being infected by the new Coronavirus has been cleared and confirmed that they are not infected.

The four patients have confirmed negative in the tests carried out by the Medical Research Institute (MRI).

The four suspected persons are two Chinese women, a Sri Lankan woman and man.

Their blood samples were sent to the IDH for testing and it was confirmed that they had not contracted the Coronavirus.

Committee appointed to prevent Coironavirus spread to meet today

The special national action committee appointed to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading is scheduled to meet today at 5.00 pm under the patronage of Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi.

It was announced that the committee appointed on the directives of the President is scheduled to meet at the Health Ministry.

The committee will discuss measures required to be taken to prevent the virus from spreading in the country.