Jan 27, 2020

ASP under investigation for giving Shani a vehicle to leave CID Featured

An ASP attached to the CID is under investigation for having given his official vehicle to former CID Director Shani Abeysekara to leave the CID premises after recording his statement based on a court order on January 23rd, according to Police Headquarters sources.

A senior police officer attached to the Police Headquarters  had told Lankadeepa newspaper that providing an official vehicle for an interdicted police officer to travel in is wrong.

The senior police officer said that the ASP had been questioned and a statement was recorded from him regarding him providing his official vehicle for the former CID Director to leave the CID premises.

According to police sources, in addition to providing the former CID Director his official vehicle, he had also given a police driver.
The Police Headquarters sources further said that Shani Abeysekara had left the CID premises through the entry point generally used by the IGP.  He said that this was confirmed through CCTV footage.