Feb 08, 2020

Prices of 1500 products reduced- CAA Featured

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) says it has reduced the prices of over 15,000 varieties of commodities in the market, giving the public the benefit of tax concessions offered by the government.

It is reported that more than 80 manufacturing companies and institutes have written to the authority regarding the price reduction.

The relevant companies and institutes have been asked to make the public aware of the discounted products and the reduced prices by displaying them in the newspapers and in retail outlets.

Drinks, jams, chocolates and soap prices reduced

The Director General of the Consumer Affairs Authority M S M Fouzer said that the prices of building materials, electrical appliances, confectionery, soft drinks, jams, cordials, biscuits, chocolate, soaps, powder, shampoo, baby products and cosmetics were reduced. 

He further stated that the prices of milk powder and cement have also been reduced.