Feb 08, 2020

5,000 tons of food wasted a day Featured

Sujeewa Fernando, Assistant Director of the Ministry of Environment and Wildlife says that the people of Sri Lanka are disposing of 5000 metric tons of food items daily.

She also said that in some foreign countries, if a food item is discarded, a fine is imposed.

She made these comments at a workshop held by the Environmental Justice Center in Colombo.

She said that 9810 metric tons of garbage is collected daily and only 3667 metric tons are collected by local authorities.

The Assistant Director further added that 400 metric tons of plastic is disposed into the country's ecosystem in one day and all persons have a responsibility to manage the waste.

She said that 20 to 30 percent of the solid waste that is added to the ecosystem are different kinds of packaging. In addition 20,000 metric tonnes of electronic waste are dumped into the environment each year and out of that 8,000 metric tones are recycled. 

Source - Aruna