Feb 11, 2020

Central Cultural Fund misused for election work?

The Minister in charge of the Central Cultural Fund (CCF) during the Yahapalana regime had allegedly misused funds belonging to it for election campaign purposes, Minister of Industrial Export, Investment Promotion, Tourism and Aviation Prasanna Ranatunga alleges.

He said in the event such misdeeds have been committed, a broad investigation should be initiated.

Minister Ranatunga said according to the Director General of Archaeology, the Central Cultural Fund is indebted to the tune of Rs.1600 million since its fixed deposit of Rs.3000 million and the Rs. 800 million reserves had been allegedly used by the former Minister in contravention of the objectives of the fund.

The Minister was speaking after launching the new website of the Rambukkana Deliwala Kotawehera Raja Maha Viharaya recently.

“The former Cultural Minister had used Rs.3,000 million fixed deposit and Rs.800 million reserve funds for his election campaign and to  unnecessarily recruit people. Reports revealed that these finds were used to pay the salaries to the new recruits. This fund was established to protect the country’s archeological sites. Our government will conduct a comprehensive investigation into this matter,”  he said.