Feb 12, 2020

Farmers Federation files case against Bathiudeen

The All Ceylon Farmers Federation is preparing to file charges against former Subject Minister Rishad Bathiudeen for having imported 57.6 million kg of rice in 2016 and having caused a loss of over 15,150 million to the government.

It is reported that the National Organiser of the Farmers Federation is currently in the process of obtaining legal advice for it.

Karunaratne added that the losses incurred by the previous government’s rice imports as well as prior to 2015 where Minister Johnston Fernando had intervened and imported rice, would also be calculated and added to the complaint.

Importing rice when there is an excess stock of rice in the country, altering the manufacture dates and labeling them, importing rice and holding onto the stocks until it expires and not taking any measures until a part of it is used for animal feed and the other party is released to the market would all be included in the complaint. He said the intention is to obtain justice for the colossal losses incurred by this crime committed.