Feb 12, 2020

CEB purchases 200 MW, losses amounting to billions Featured

The government has decided to purchase 200 MW of power from the private sector to meet the electricity demand and avert a power crisis, it is reported.

Accordingly, Cabinet approval has been granted for the proposal submitted by the Power and Energy Minister Mahinda Amaraweera. Approval was also granted to extend the contract by six months of the private power suppliers from whom the government currently purchases additional power.  

According to the Power and Energy Minister, the debt burden of the CEB is expected to rise to around 80 billion annually.

Therefore, the government is expected to call for tenders from D Power Holdings and Al Taka Global Solutions in the near future for the purchase of power.

Country’s power supply is a decisive factor in retaining political power  

Purchasing power from the private sector is nothing new to this country and every consecutive government has done the same.  Hence, this government’s measures are just an extension of the same old practice.

It is no secret that almost every government has been rendered helpless in the face of the power crisis.

In fact, every government’s attempt is to protect their political power and ensuring uninterrupted power supply and ensuring that the public is not left in the dark has become a key factor in their political survival.